4 Surprising effects of video games

There is nothing like more fun and exciting activity for most of the game fanatic today than of playing video games. This phenomenological addiction of ageless activity has become one of the studies that have been conducted by many researchers. Pros and cons have been released to educate people on the effects of playing video games.

Pros and cons

One of its disadvantages that given emphasis by many researchers is the behavioral influence that video games may bring to children like bullying, gambling, harassment, violence and some other health and social effects. Thus, part of most research studies’ recommendation is the proper guidance and control of parents over the use of internet and gadgets to the access of any video games.

But some studies reveal that playing video games has a good effect on cognitive aspect of a person of any age. This article will share some of the insights how this activity stimulates the human brain.


What are the surprising effects of video games?

Enhance visual discrimination

According to study, a 30-minute video game a day could increase the brain nerve functions on visual contrast and sensitivity. Accordingly, playing video games like fishing games, successfully treats disorder so-called lazy -eye on children.

In this way, video games are one of the strategies to improve the speed and accuracy of visual processing skills of children. Knowingly, these skills are pre-requisite to reading words and sentences as well as the correctness of number identification.

Speed up memory and attention

Video gaming effect studies in UK reveals that the game techniques offer opportunities to rewire the brain nerves that sending electrical pulses to improve the neural connectivity and memory of a person within that short period of play. CNS-Cognitive Neuroscience New York says that the ability to hold information is very important in performing tasks.

Some of the action games improve the ability of children to focus their attention on moving objects and less impulsive to less significant stimulus on the game. In relation to actual performance, the child would develop an attitude that prioritizes things which are important and give less attention to irrelevant ones.


Overcomes learning difficulties

Learning difficulties in different areas are true to all people with average to the genius intellectual quotient. The learning difficulties vary in areas like numbers, direction, processing, reading and fine motor skills. Surprisingly, playing video games help one to overcome learning difficulties like dyslexia as revealed on many special education studies.

Improves performance tasks

The enhanced memory and related skills highly affect the improvement of the performance tasks of a person on matters that require higher thinking skills to solve problems according to own capacity and perception. A correlation study conducted that video playing increases the flexibility on job performance, as well as to better self-concept.