Tips on buying a cordless drill

Among other essential tools at home or work, a power drill is the most used in working with metals, wood, DIY projects, and construction. It has a broad range of performance and capacity. This article would share some points on buying any of the different types of the cordless drill.

Types of Cordless Drills

Hammer Drills

This drill can be corded or cordless depending on the capacity of the workload. If it is corded, it offers a power output of up to 1010W and 18v in cordless condition. It has a particular design to work well in the field of masonry or rocks. But does not allow a hammering function without rotation.

Self-Direct System Drill

The SDS drill deals on masonry and concrete work with a hammer function. The function could switch between chisel or hammer. It could be corded or cordless. It had a power output up to 1500W when corded and 240v in cordless.

Combi Drills

It is cordless, have a power output up to 20v with proper torque setting and ideally useful for drilling a harder material. It has an additional feature that can work into a little bit complicated work than the simple cordless drill. It is a type of tool for homework than those of heavy construction. It only means a combination of the two tool in one type of device. It also has a brushless technology making it more compact, less heat and durable.

Drill Drivers

This type of tool is suitable for all minor drilling jobs at home. It does not make only holes but drivers too that can loosen or tighten screws. It is cordless, have a power output of 18v and can offer 24 torque settings.

Other Features of Cordless Drills



The different working material could require a change of torque setting to suit what you are working. A thick material needs a higher type of torque, on the other hand, a lighter work like wood only needs a lower torque. Some drills have 20 torques that will suit to different working material

Energy and Blows

It refers the amount of energy in joules that the drill used in working. Higher energy and blow per minute would speed up the equipment function.

Charge Time

There are different batteries that you could use in the cordless drill. You could use a battery that requires a shorter time for recharging or you could have an extra to avoid work disruption.

Handle Design

It is important to choose a drill that is easy to handle. Proper handling would allow you to use the equipment efficiently that gives pressure in the correct area.

Drill Bits

Having different bits for various tasks is important. Different materials need a particular bit to achieve a good work output.

Before buying a cordless drill, you could have to choose the right type and know how to use it with its features. Cordless drills are already available on any hardware in town, but it is a suggestion to contact an expert like Randy Thompson for proper guidance and help on buying a cordless drill tool.







cutting trees

Maintaining an electric chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are much more popular compared to the gas models. This is probably due to the many advantages that they have. They are a lot quieter, are easier to start and have less weight which makes them easier to handle. You only need to have access to a power outlet, usually the normal socket outlet, for you to get to work with your electric chainsaw. To ensure that it gives you service for a long time, you need to carry out some regular maintenance on it. Some maintenance tips to consider are highlighted below.

Maintenance of electric chainsaw

Chain oil

With an electric chainsaw, you do not have to worry about changing motor oil. However, you still have to prevent the chain from experiencing too much dry friction. This is easily done by lubricating it with oil. The benefits of doing so on a regular basis are that it will not wear out quickly and it will give a smoother cut. You can use any type of clean motor oil for the lubrication. However, if you intend to use the chainsaw during the cold winter season, oil with lower viscosity will be preferable.

Chainsaw bar

The bar can at times develop issues due to wear and tear. You should thus ensure that you thoroughly clean any debris or dust from the groove of the bar. You can do this using a pipe cleaner, wire, or any other suitable tool. You should also check if the bar has any burred edges. If there are any, file them down. You should replace the bar with a new one if you notice that it is bent, cracked, or worn out excessively.

Extension cord

cord, electricTo operate an electric chainsaw efficiently, you definitely have to maintain a safe extension cord. The extension cord that you use should be approved to be used outdoors. It should also have the proper size. This will prevent the motor of the chainsaw from overheating and being damaged. In case you notice any fraying such that any part of the wiring is exposed, replace the entire cord.


If you intend to store the chainsaw for a relatively long time, there are some steps which you have to take. Start by cleaning it as well as the place where you will store it. Winterize it if you are storing it for the winter. This is done by draining the chain oil, removing the chain and bar, and applying some oil on them to prevent rusting.…